Дистанционное оформление виз в Новую Зеландию

Владимир Моисеев

My name is Vladimir. In September 2008 I decided to move to New Zealand. I always liked this country and was thinking about moving for a couple of years. The first step was learning the language. I picked «Kiwi English Academy» because heard that it is a really good school with experienced tutors. The agent of this school is Peter Nasonov. He helped me to organise all documents for a visa. I came over to Auckland. The city is very beautiful with lots of parks and friendly and helpful people. My English was at pre-intermediate level. I studied at the academy for eight months and graduated with upper-intermediate certificate. My tutors at «Kiwi English Academy» helped me to get ready for the IELTS exam and I passed it on 7.0. After that I decided to study hairdressing because I have always been passion about it. I picked «Servilles Academy of Hairdressing» because it the best academy in New Zealand. Now I enjoy my course and living in New Zealand.

 Новая Зеландия  Новая Зеландия  Новая Зеландия  Новая Зеландия  Новая Зеландия

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